Managing Director: BELIHU GADISA

Established: 2014

Right thinking is not enough to accomplish any institution’s objective. The addition of Right Strategy and Right skill will make any objective visible in reality. Adamant Training and Consultancy Service PLC stands with our clients’ to achieve their objective through providing a Right Consultancy with multiple trainings to develop Right Skills which will able them to execute the Right thinking in the company.

we take extra effort to deliver more than the common paper based advices for companies located in Ethiopia or investors from Europe, Middle East and Asia who want to invest in Ethiopia. A fully fledged consultancy service experts who have more than 10 years experience in their respective filed     

Market and Marketing Consultancy  
Customers are always intimidated by your competitors to buy from them. You have to know and be close to them every single day to make sure you maintain your current market share and increase it as the day goes by. That is what we will be handling for you, providing real time market information and marketing strategy.  
Some of the Consultancy we do:


Hotel and Tourism Consultancy
We have firsthand information and a ground experience to tell you more than Ethiopia’s growth on the global tourism destination. From the idea inception of Hotel and Tourism Investment up to Formulating the Business, Structuring your Management System, Recruitment, Training and Marketing will be provided with a Remarkable Quality and Continuous Support Service.
Financial Advisory
Under the sector your business engaged in we advice you the available investment incentives, tax holidays and exemptions, any applicable and possible taxes and tax laws   
Audit Service
A regular and annual audit service will be provided by our highly disciplined and certified accountants.


Human Resource Development

Regardless of your sector we know how to provide you with the right skill and support you to achieve your corporate goals.

Talent Acquisition & Assessment
From department to department and time to time the skills you want to have will vary due to their specific skill behavior and also market influence. You can keep continuing your day to day responsibility but we will assess what talent gap you have and develop all kind of skills, experiences, attitude and passion you need to have to achieve your objective while staying competitive in your sector.

Recruitment and Induction
Announcing hiring advertisement, internal or external ads, collecting resumes, calling up for interview……no need to finish it, its time consuming and taking you off from your daily responsibilities. Just a phone call or an email is enough to us to get you the right skill and experience you need because that is what our daily job is. We bring you the right people to your door and also assist you in introducing them with your company’s objective, culture and strategies.

Training Assessment and Provision
Trainings for personnel are like engine oil to our cars, it keeps them fresh and powerful. Through our rigorous Training Need Assessment format we analyze your company’s training need and also provide you the trainings at your premises or any other ideal place.

Some of our trainings are:


About Us

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Addis Ababa (Ethiopia Office)

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We follow our Passion

Our portfolio businesses are mix of Service Provision, Consultancy and Trading, also with new projects in Farming and Manufacturing. These companies are located in Ethiopia , UAE and Canada  with business and market affiliation in US, Europe and Asia.